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The Chair of the Quantum Field Theory was created in 1965. The founders of the Chair were academicians Bogolyubov and Sytenko (Sitenko) who became the first head of the Chair. For the time of its existence the Chair prepared about 350 specialists in theoretical nuclear physics, particle physics, quantum field theory, plasma physics, physical kinetics etc. Graduates of the Chair are working at more than 15 research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, at Kyiv National University and at other educational organisations from Kyiv, Ukraine, CIS and other countries.

Graduates of the Chair of the quantum field theory have defended about 170 Ph.D.-theses (nearly a half of all graduates) and more than 15 D.Sci.-theses.

The Chair maintains widespread scientific contacts with research institutes and universities such as Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyiv Institute for Nuclear Researches, Kyiv Institute of Physics, Kyiv Institute of Mathematics, Kharkiv University, Joint Institute for Nuclear Researches (JINR), Moscow State University, Kharkiv Physical-technical Institute, Tbilisi Institute of Physics, Gatchino Physical Institute, University of Debrecen and other ones.

The Chair have trained many highly qualified specialists from Hungary, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Vietnam, India and from ex-soviet republics.

Chair's collaborators gave lectures abroad (USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Ethiopia). Our teachers wrote a whole series of manuals: A. G. Sitenko "Lectures in scattering theory"; A. G. Sitenko "Theory of nuclear reactions"; A. G. Sitenko, V. K. Tartakovsky "Theory of nucleus"; A. I. Akhiezer, A. G. Sitenko, V. K. Tartakovsky "Nuclear electrodynamics"; A. Sitenko, V. Malnev "Plasma physics theory"; V. K. Tartakovsky, L. A. Bulavin "Nuclear Physics" and others. Also course reference booklets are published by the chair (I. S. Dotsenko, V. M. Malnev, V. K. Tartakovsky, A. P. Pasichny).

At present the Chair of the Quantum Field Theory prepares physicists-theorists - future specialists for universities and research institutions.

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